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I personally started out with a few games peaking my interest on the Atari, but the Nintendo NES is what officially sparked my passion for gaming.  This came from playing Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Metroid, Karnov, Contra, Castlevania, TMNT, and the countless other classic titles on this iconic system.

Pixelated Gamer is a site for all video game enthusiasts, whether you are a retro old school gamer, or new to the gaming scene.  You will find original, informative and exciting gaming content, articles, reviews and videos that span across all gaming generations.  Our passion is gaming and the industry has never been stronger or more engaging.

For proof, look at the game lineups from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. Capcom, Ubisoft, EA, Rockstar, Naughty Dog, From Software, Activision, Bungie and Insomniac.  The Indie developer scene has never been more fully featured and robust either, delivering incredible experiences that showcase phenomenal storytelling.  Along the way, we will be covering it all.  This includes key retro titles that innovated the gaming industry, to the latest next generation consoles and hardware.

Our Story


Every business has a beginning.  We first started out known as BootHammer Video Game Reviews.  Under this brand, we grew from a modest blog to thousands of articles, videos, reviews and opinion pieces.  In return, we were blessed with thousands of readers, subscribers and fans.  Think of Pixelated Gamer as BootHammer 2.0. We’ll be delivering the same unique and original gaming content that established our place online as a reputable reviewer, covering modern and retro video game software and hardware.


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