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Streets of Red: Devils Dare Deluxe Review (Nintendo Switch)

Streets of Red: Devils Dare Deluxe Review (Nintendo Switch)

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The developers at Secret Base have created an awesome arcade-beat ’em up that has so many great nostalgic moments and shout-outs to the 8 and 16-bit era. …
Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis) - Pixelated Gamer

Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)

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Coffee Crisis is a brand new release for the Sega Genesis system. It’s reminiscent of the classic arcade brawlers with a unique premise.  An alien race called…
Wulverblade Review (Nintendo Switch) - Pixelated Gamer

Wulverblade Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Wulverblade is a gorgeous 2D brawler by Darkwind Media.  It hearkens back to the retro beat ‘em up titles like Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Golden…
Let's Play: Double Dragon: Neon

Let’s Play: Double Dragon: Neon

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Majesco Entertainment has once again partnered with WayForward (the award-winning team known for producing the thrilling BloodRayne: Betrayal title). THey collaborated to create a reboot of the…

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