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Dead Space 3 Review

Let’s Play: Dead Space 3

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Dead Space is a survival horror third-person shooter that was instantly a huge hit upon its debut in 2008. Gamers played as the engineer known as Isaac…
The next Castlevania

The next Castlevania

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Castlevania has provided some of the most exciting and certainly most challenging gaming experiences to date. Taking control of Simon Belmont and facing Dracula and his ghouls…

Video Games with Incredible Stories

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It’s quite amazing how cinematic and immersive video games have become today. We have not only witnessed an immense evolution in graphics and presentation, but just as…
Gears of War

Video Games that Defined their Generation | Chapter 1

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Video games and consoles are constantly evolving, and the world has come a long way from the pixelated games on Atari and the original Nintendo that many…
F-Zero racer on SNES

Nintendo vs Sega vs TurboGrafx-16: The 16-bit Gaming Generation

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In the history of computer and video games, the fourth generation (more commonly referred to as the 16-bit era) was more than likely our favorite at Pixelated…
PS4 vs Xbox One Controller

PS4 vs Xbox One Controller: The best Gamepad

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Both Sony and Microsoft have invested a lot of time in not only carefully designing the console architecture for maximum power and efficiency but also working on…

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