Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)

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Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)

Game Info

  • Release Date: 24 Feb, 2017
  • Coffee Crisis is an neo-rogue brawler that puts you in the shoes of the only baristas on Earth with enough heavy metal in their veins to fend off an alien assault. Play solo or join up with a friend to fight across eight unique locations ranging from your Coffee House HQ to the far reaches of outer space.

Game Story

Coffee Crisis is a brand new release for the Sega Genesis system. It’s reminiscent of the classic arcade brawlers with a unique premise.  An alien race called the Smurglien’s has descended upon Earth and are aiming for total domination of our planet and resources. Our heroes in this tale come in the form of two employees from Black Forge Coffee House.  Nick is armed with a coffee bean bag, while Ashley wields a coffee grinder against the Extraterrestrial threats.  They are both here to save the day from this evil scum and secure Earth’s WiFi, coffee and music.

Players will face a humorous mix of enemies in Coffee Crisis that include: Skinny Chestknee, The Bros, Duke Tailgator and Darth Brooks. There are quite a few funny jabs and puns found throughout the campaign that are sure to make gamers laugh. I especially cracked up during one moment where a boss referenced Star Wars by saying, “Search your feelings. You know it to be true”.

Nick and Ashley are all about the excellent hot brews from Black Forge Coffee House and of course their heavy metal tunes. This is an actual business in PA and a thriving one at that. Its inclusion in a brand new Genesis game that ties in all the elements from the story is a very cool trait to say the least and very creative. I hope they have the outstanding game case and clear red cartridge displayed in the store for all that visit to see.  It has been crafted with great care and will certainly pull on the heart strings of any Sega fans that happen to spot it.


Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis) - Pixelated Gamer


Gamers can lead the fight by themselves with Nick, or better yet play with a friend via local couch co-op as Ashley.  There are multiple ways to take out enemies, including a standard or charged attack, swords, bats, throws and even a special spinning move that is great when dealing with all 8 bosses or when facing multiple opponents at once.  There are multiple modes of difficulty that include Easy, Normal, or Metal for the hardcore bunch.

Caffeinated power-ups are dropped from enemies once beat, which help aid in any damage you have taken along the way.  Once you finish a level, you will get a password that allows you to pick up where you were last defeated.  This is a nice feature and another way Mega Cat Studios has tapped into the legendary 16-bit Genesis era.  The music goes above and beyond with 12 metal tracks to get the blood pumping as you work through each stage and settle the score with these alien intruders.   The colors, animations and sprite work are excellent, showcasing some serious detail on this iconic platform.


Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis) - Pixelated Gamer


Coffee Crisis is yet another polished and retro-infused title by Mega Cat Studios that brings a new release to fans of the Sega Genesis console.  The classic co-op beat ’em up gameplay and bright colorful sprites are sure to bring old school gamers back to the days of “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”.

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Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)Coffee Crisis Review (Sega Genesis)

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